Friday, February 20, 2015

CamNTM1 E14: Portraying Cambodian Goddesses

Chan Kong Kar
Kongkar portrays Chum Teav Sren character from Te Jo Yort novel. She’s a very educated, beautiful and confident woman. She’s always behind her husband helping giving advice and strategy in army work.

Ke Chankesey
ChanKesey portrays the lady from Sela Cham Bdey novel, who lives with sorrow in a big palace. She is waiting with sorrow for him with no clue when will he return.

Lun Bodalis (Bottom 2)
Bodalis portrays Neang Ka Key from Ka Key novel. She is very beautiful but she has never felt enough with love. She always uses her beauty as tool to attract the men she wants.

Hang Soriyan (Eliminated)
Soriyan portrays princess ... from Sob Set novel. She is standing behind the door to see all the men who came to the selection ceremony, wanting to be her husband.

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