Saturday, April 11, 2015

Supermodels S1E15: Bright Designs in a Cave/Helicopter on a Rooftop

Gabriela Prisacariu (Team Green) and Joan Goga (Team Pink)

Gabriela Prisacariu (Team Green)

 Joan Goga (Team Pink)

Liana Coman (Team Green) and Catalin Bucur (Team Pink)

Liana Coman (Team Green)

Catalin Bucur (Team Pink)

Andrada Statie (Team Green) and Gilbert Costache (Team Pink) (Bottom 3) 

Andrada Statie (Team Green)

Gilbert Costache (Team Pink) (Bottom 3) 

Madalina Petrean (Team Pink) (Bottom 3) and Alexandru Mildner (Team Green) (Eliminated)

Madalina Petrean (Team Pink) (Bottom 3)

Alexandru Mildner (Team Green) (Eliminated)

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