Wednesday, May 20, 2015

AsiaNTM3 E9: Wearing Alex Perry Gowns on a Harness

Amanda Chan

Monika Sta. Maria

Barbara Katsuki

Aimee Bradshaw

Ayu Gani(Bottom 2)

Tahlia Raji(Eliminated)

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shynsweet said...

I'm really sad to see Tahlia go! I wished she could have stayed longer in the competition! :( I'll really miss her now she's eliminated from this competition! :( I think she's the only girl in this season that has a kind-hearted and pleasing personality in my opinion. I'm not going to watch this show anymore if Gani will be eliminated next. She's my only favorite remaining (and also Barbara since she's a shy person like me). :( This shot is not bad by the way! Good job, Tahlia for trying since this photoshoot is really difficult to do! >.< I think Tahlia's photo is better than Amanda's in my opinion. But the best photo should be Barbara in my opinion because she is just stunning like a goddess in her shot! <3 ~ by: shynsweet DJ nitz43 [I love Tahlia Raji]