Friday, October 2, 2015

ANTM22 E9: Look-alike editorial with dogs

Nyle DiMarco

Hadassah Richardson

Lacey Rogers

Mamé Adjei

Mikey Heverly

Devin Clark (TBA)

Justin Kim (TBA)

Ashley Molina (Eliminated)

Ava Capra (Eliminated)

Bello Sánchez (Eliminated)

Courtney DuPerow (Eliminated)

Delanie Dischert (Eliminated)

Dustin McNeer (Returned) 

Stefano Churchill (Eliminated)


valiantmisanthrope said...

Great improvement to Hadassah here! I'm so happy she's 2nd! Nyle's photo is just stellar! Ava's photo is great too! I wished she came back instead of Dustin... I'll miss Ava! :[ - by: nitz43 [I love Ava Capra ♥]

Fernand Melgo said...

Aww. Ava should have been the one who was given the second chance.